Great tracks. Eclectic Library. Seamlessly blended by an amazing new AI.

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Midtempo is a new style of automated streaming radio. Built using a sophisticated AI that selects the next track based on what sounds best, harmonically, meaning our enormous and eclectic library should sound seamless.

The station glides through the genres without clunky transitions or chat, you’ll just notice it’s another great song. Some you will know, many you won’t, but all will sound like they fit perfectly.

Importantly, unlike the big streaming platforms, we aren’t tracking you or selling your data. Our product is the great music, not you.

Welcome to a new form of listening. Welcome to Midtempo Radio.


Our goal is to broadcast an elegantly flowing stream of great music with transitions so seamless that you don’t notice when one track ends and the next starts. Corporate advertising breaks that flow, which is why we will never carry ads on the station. However, musicians deserve license fees and reliable servers are worth paying for, so your financial support helps us to keep you happy.


The platform that Midtempo runs on has been created by us from scratch. The AI is completely bespoke, and we utilise a wide range of different technologies to help deliver the seamless flow of music.

Our algorithm analyses the current track, taking a range of different features [intensity, ending, instrumentation, tempo, key…], then searches through the music library to find the best song to keep the flow going.

Was the last intensity change speeding up or slowing down? How many tracks ago did we change the intensity? How likely are we to change the intensity after that many tracks? What’s the likelihood of reversing the direction? Do we have intensity boundaries for this time of the day and, if so, are we at those limits?

We even thrown in a little chaos to make sure that it always stays fresh!

We believe that this provides a better listening experience, even if you don’t notice the effort that is going on underneath.


The track management system...

System Features

  • Sophisticated track analysis that identifies key, intensity, and instrumentation.

  • Complete control over the AI, enabling us to change its approach depending on the time of day, or day of week.

  • Dynamic audio controls that manage the tracks as they’re streamed.

  • Ident management and integration, so we can include our own branding and messaging.

  • API connectivity for deeper content – album covers, artist details, and links to artist websites and social.

Help support the station’s development

With your support we can continue to improve the underlying technologies, making the platform more stable and the flow of music more graceful…



We’d love to hear from you, either about the station, the music, or the technology platform.
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