What would it be like to have a radio station that selected the next song on the basis of what sounded right, rather than some arbitrary rule about rotation, genre, or chart position? What would a radio station feel like that provided a graceful flow of music, that took you on a journey far away from loud voices, consumerism, and the troubles of the world?

Welcome to a new type of radio. Welcome to Midtempo.

Other ways to listen

[Click here to Copy] https://streamingv2.shoutcast.com/midtempo, and paste into your streaming app of choice - works on iTunes, TuneIn (as a 'custom link'), WinAmp, VLC, and probably all the others.

There is an Alexa option too, but she's being a bit stroppy. We think the process is to tell Alexa: "Enable Midtempo Radio Skill" (the first time only), and then "Open Midtempo Radio"... but it doesn't always work. We're looking into it!

If you'd like to help support the station, please visit us over at Patreon.