What am I listening to?

Midtempo is an exploration of harmonically programmed radio. The aim is to broadcast some of my favourite tracks from a diverse music library as smoothly as possible without needing constant oversight. It's a global collection, picked-up during 30 years of working in radio and festivals, and includes Electronic, Funk, Latin, Afrobeat, Soul, Downtempo, Modern Classical, Folk, Reggae, Dub, Doo-wop, Jazz, Hip-hop, Blues, Balkan Beat, Indian Devotional, Bluegrass and more.

Each track has been filtered into harmonics, tempo, and intensity, then passed through various selection rules (although nothing about genre or era, and no A-list/B-list hierarchies), before being broadcast. Despite the willfully eclectic material and the fact that the playlist is generated and untouched, the music should flow smoothly and naturally... and be an engaging and entertaining listen. I hope you enjoy it.


If you're interested, here's a longer explanation about the process. The current playlist is here.

I'm on all the social stuff - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - follow, listen, and chat. Oh, if you've got suggestions for the playlist, I've not bought much recently and could do with a refresh!

If you'd like to help with development, server and licencing costs, you can support the station over at Patreon.

Finally, I'm actively looking for interesting coding work. Originally an old-school LAMP developer - mostly building big, complex database-driven web-systems - more recently I've been making Alexa talk. You can find me on LinkedIn.